21st Century Sabbath

You work hard, you play hard.

You’re tough. An all-nighter? Bring it on. Who can afford to rest when you’re you? You’re busy. You have places to go, errands to do, people to see.

As much as I hate to admit it, I’m guilty of plate piling. I think I can always add more stuff to my day and I have the hardest time saying “no.”



But I’m tired. I wear myself thin and then I get sloppy. All the while, rest sits there, gently reminding me that I have the choice to stop, breathe, listen.

When I don’t choose to rest, I don’t honor my body, mind or spirit. So maybe there’s something to this “rest” concept…

In the first chapters of Genesis, we learn about creation and the Creator. The Lord made the earth days one through six. On day seven, he did the one thing that God doesn’t need to dorest. Resting on the seventh day went on to be called the sabbath.

Why? Maybe it was to model the way we should live, that in order to honor our bodies, we need to rest, to spend him with Him.

What would a 21st century sabbath look like? Or the more frightening reality check, could I even follow it?

For starters, I believe the day would begin with no agenda and end with no agenda. To all my friends who champion the art of to-do lists, today is not the day to show off your skills.
Float from one place to the next. Get lost in a book or the sugary crumbs of a cinnamon muffin. Wander. Amble. Lay your schedule to rest.



Give your wrist some air. Decline to wear the watch today. What is time, anyway? We have morning, noon and night. You don’t need to know what time it is to live your day. Wake up when you wake up. Eat when you’re hungry. Sleep when your eyelids get heavy.

Say farewell to your cell phone today. Turn it off. Yes, completely off. Put it inside the drawer at the bottom of your dresser. If someone needs to reach you, they’ll need to do it the old fashioned way – stop by your place and knock.



Now that I think about it, your cell phone is getting lonely, so you better put your laptop in that drawer, too.

All those thoughts about work, don’t place them on the back burner. Take them completely out of the kitchen. Projects, preparation and emails aren’t invited to your sabbath.

Ditch the keys, if you can. Let your feet hit the pavement, sink into damp earth and remember that it’s alive. That you’re alive. That there is so much to see and so much we can see when we slow down and walk. 60 miles an hour can wait. Lets try 3 miles an hour, today.



Maybe those suggestions seem too harsh. Perhaps it’s uncomfortable to think about life without the electronics, the noise, the lists.

A weekly sabbath might seem out of the question. But I challenge you to try it.

Get in that awkward space of waiting for your cup of coffee without your cell phone crutch to check email or facebook or twitter.

Experience walking outside without the ear buds. Listen to what’s going on around you. You might just hear something beautiful.

Be comfortable in your own skin. After all, the sabbath is about you spending time with your Creator. If you’re so busy you feel you have to put Him off, maybe you need to look at your priorities.

2 responses to “21st Century Sabbath

  1. Good post, and I could do this 21st Century Sabbath, with relish, and joy.

    But will I? We’ll see.

    Sent from my iPad


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