My Do’s and Don’ts of 2018

I don’t want to pray small anymore.


I want to pray big.
To make massive, full-throttled, wholehearted prayers.
Prayers of absurdity.
Prayers that require a supernatural response,
because I believe we have a supernatural Responder just waiting to be called on.

I don’t want to keep it logical anymore.


I want to keep it whimsical.
To keep the 9-year-old Taylor tight to my side, ask what she would do, and then go out and do it!
To keep dreaming up the desires of my heart and not be ashamed,
because I know The One who created me is the biggest, boldest dreamer there ever was, and is, and is to come.

I don’t want to think narrowly anymore.


I want to think beyond the moon.
Thoughts that make my stomach drop, make the butterflies flutter, make my fingers start tingling.
Thoughts that seem impossible and impractical,
because the unlikeliest people and places are the ones He loves to use to prove He is infinitely able.

I don’t want to baby-step it in trust anymore.


I want to freaking leap!
Leap into the water, not skim it with my toes.
Leap into the “yes!” of adventure, the blank page of possibility.
Leap into the arms of my Father, because He always wants to dance with me out in fields of unknown, and I know He’ll never let me go .

I don’t want to cast a little vision.


I want to cast a vision that requires a miracle.
Cast a vision that believes in all the potential that made The Beginning a reality.
Cast a vision that necessitates me to cash the check that I believe
He is who He says He is,
and I am who He says I am,
and we all are who He says we are

– and when we let Him tell us who that is, it’s a vision beyond what we could ever pen ourselves.

So I’m going to commit to

praying big
keeping it whimsical
thinking beyond the moon
freaking leaping!
casting visions that require miracles,


as I’ve recently been reminded,
that’s the kind of stuff love does
when you know WHO you’re loved by.

IMG_3708 (1)

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