Taylor Smith, Joy, Food and Jesus Enthusiast

I’m Taylor — a tree-huggin’, deep-conversation-lovin’ Oregonian with a passion for listening to people’s stories.

In sharing other’s stories, and my own, I feel it’s important for you to know a bit more about me.

I grew up in a home with two parents whom I loved deeply. They spent quality time with me and nurtured me in ways I know are rare these days. Their level of care when I was a little girl makes their absence today heavy, at times, yet knowing they’re Home, I take great comfort.

Thus far, I’ve always had the means to have food in my belly and a place to rest my head at night, yet I also know the feelings of hunger, and the unrest of displacement.

I had the good fortune of going to school, both public and private ones, and graduating with a degree in journalism from Indiana University.

I also know that the best education one can ever receive doesn’t come from a classroom, but from living life with a willingness to surrender your will, come to a place of vulnerability, and choose love above all else.

Maybe I have met you before,
and maybe I haven’t, yet.

If we shared our life stories, maybe we’d feel like kindred spirits,
and maybe we’d feel like we live on different planets.

My words and my beliefs come from both circumstances I was born into -my race, gender, the neighborhood I grew up in- and experiences that resulted from my choices, my parents’ and friends’ choices, sometimes the choices of people I can’t even put a face to.

Through sharing stories -my own and others’- I invite you to come to a place where you look at your life, the chosen and the unchosen, and find acceptance and celebration in the ways you contribute to this world, in ways only you can do.

May you never forget that unshakeable Joy that resides at your core.


Connect with me at taylor@taylorstaste.org

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