Your dance

Life is too short

to not eat dessert

Swiss chocolate. Taylor Smith

Swiss chocolate. Taylor Smith

to stand on the edge of the dance floor

to hold back hugs

Friday Night Dinner. Ross William Hamilton.

Friday Night Dinner. Ross William Hamilton.

to make half-hearted promises

to not toast to friendship

Venice, Italy.

Venice, Italy.

to worship your cellphone

to walk when your soul wants to dance



to date for anything other than marriage

to try to look like him or her

People Magazine.

People Magazine.

to miss your kid’s piano recital

to think your dream career is stupid

to stop playing dress-up

Team Granola. Czech Republic.

Team Granola. Czech Republic.

to never go skinny dipping

to pass up Girl Scout cookies

Shelton Herald 2013.

Shelton Herald 2013.

to put off prayer

to give up the fight

Mom's gloves.

Mom’s gloves.

We don’t know the beauty, the delicate blossom that is life, until we see it so quickly whisked away.

Maybe you’ve been touched by death. Maybe you haven’t. At some point, you will. It’s something no human can avoid and at the risk of sounding morbid, I’m glad we can’t escape it.

We aren’t meant to live forever. Your dance illuminates because it is yours. It’s a role written for you that only you can play. And as in any play, there is a time when you enter and a time when you exit.

Days are numbered. Tomorrow isn’t guaranteed. And if another tomorrow doesn’t come, I want go knowing that my life was an attempt to live as fiercely passionate as the mercy and grace He rains.

Add your truths. I’m curious what you believe.

2 responses to “Your dance

  1. How fitting to read this while the chorus of the song I’m listening to echoes: “While I’m alive, I’ll feel alive; and what’s next I guess I’ll know when I’ve gotten there.” Such a lovely coincidence : )

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