Ode to 22

22. What an incredible year.

I could go on and on about transition. About finding my voice, finding strength and finding my Joy in God.

If you want to know any of those stories, just ask me. I’m a story person. But today, I leave the stories to these photos.


Skied Vail wearing spandex shorts. I’m lucky it was spring skiing.


Ran my first half marathon in St. Louis with my awesome friend Amy and her family.

2012 205

Graduated from Indiana University… and was not excited about it at all, can you tell?

2012 266

Even helped my Uncle Chuck become an “official” grad, too.

2012 271

Realized I’m still a big kid at heart.


Lived in the Czech Republic this summer, serving with these awesome people on Team Granola. This was the fashion show challenge in Krakow, Poland on the JV Amazing Race.


Climbed God’s Mountain in Czech, witnessing God’s amazing creation with my new friends in Zabreh.


Danced and sang many a cheer with the coolest kids in Czech. “Bumble Bees for life!”


Went to church with new friends made at camps.


Traveled back in time to take this Team Granola family picture in Prague.


Feel in love with these awesome girls, my sisters in Christ.


Went to a Mariners game on my first day home from Czech. I couldn’t have imagined a more American return.


Got to show off the beautiful Northwest to my wonderful godparents from Florida.


Had some ACL reconstruction surgery.


Transformed into a Disney princess with my friends for Trunk or Treat. Can you guess which ones we are?


Made many interesting and tasty culinary creations with the Friday Night Dinner crew.

Thank you, sweet friends and family, for making my 22nd year so memorable. Cheers to the wonderful journey that lies ahead and looking forward to all of God’s plans that are to come.

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