Our nation’s leadership

You went out and voted, your vote was counted, and whether you liked the outcome or not, we have elected our nation’s leaders.

I’ve been asked if the election turned out the way I wanted, and here’s my response.
God knew who would be elected. It was and has always been part of His plan.”

Over the past few weeks, I’ve prayed about who I should vote for – how I should approach the candidates’ platforms and decide whether or not their promises would actually be realized during their terms in office.

Since I was in eighth grade, I decided I didn’t want to identify myself as being a democrat or republican. My values didn’t align perfectly with either group, so why lock myself in a category? My 14-year-old self saw the mindless voting that came with voting “straight democrat” or “striaght republican,” and it worried me.

What happens when people only vote for a party and forget to look at which candidate really represents their values?‘ I thought.
I was more interested in values, rather than parties. And that’s how I determined I would vote when I became of age – not choosing between red and blue, but between freedoms and regulations, the right to live and the choice to end life before first breath, the way we communicate with other nations and the choice to wage war.

Being the president honestly sounds like a nightmare of a job.

In the end, you work day in and day out knowing that you will never be able to please everyone. There will always be someone, if not millions of people, who will be harping at you for your decision to increase taxes, become allies with this country or even the food that you ordered at a restaurant one night.

No matter who is elected, they are our nation’s president. And because they represent you and me and our next door neighbors, I believe they deserve our respect and prayers.

As residents and citizens of the United States, we need to stand together and not be passive, but actively praying for the choices our leaders make.

You don’t like the fact that Obama is president? Well, half the nation might not like it either, but that doesn’t mean that we make plans to move to a different country.

This is the time where we need to ask that our leaders make choices that are driven by compassion and righteousness. We need to fervently pray that they seek coucil when making decisions and that their hearts are turned towards God.

Our Father has the power to do anything. He has conquered death and given us a new life in Him.

If our leaders put God as the commander of their hearts, then maybe the name of our President isn’t that important after all.
After all, leaders will come and go, but God remains always and forever.

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