Strength in stillness

Hotel Malenovice, Czech Republic.
I’m going up to the Spirit in the sky.
Since arriving in Malenovice, the site of the JV training center in the southern part of Czech Republic, these song lyrics have truly come to life. For the past four days, I’ve been surrounded by a sea of wispy clouds, hills covered with deep green pines and misty rain that covered the ground like with a glistening, translucent blanket.
For a person that loves to run around – like a little mountain goat that wants to climb up every hillside and stick her little head over the edge every cliff – it has been difficult to sit still.
I’ve never liked sitting still. For me, being able to imbed myself in nature – jogging around a city and swimming out in the ocean as far as my parents would let me without getting into trouble – has been part of my identity. When I have the choice to sit or dance, I’m usually dancing … out in the middle of the floor and asking others to jump on a conga line with me. The words “sitting” and “still” usually aren’t part of my vocabulary.
But this week, I’ve found strength in stillness.
Starting at 8:30 am each morning, we’ve been diving into the word and talking about God’s message. But it’s not just group discussion, it’s individual reflection. As children of our Abba Father, we’ve been asked how well we know our Father’s voice. Like the sheep that know the call of their shepherd, do we know the call of our God?
I’d like to say that I do, but do I really know his voice? Do I wake up in the morning and ask Him to use me how He wants to for this day? Do I sit and wait for his calling?
Being able to find rest and stillness these past few days has been a gift. During these days, I’ve seen stillness as something that I value – as a treasure and a blessing where I’m fortunate enough to have the time to dive into the word and get to know my Father.
Throughout this summer, I pray that I’ll take time to seek stillness and get to know my Father’s voice. That even when the day is busy, when there are 100 things on my mind and many tasks to get done, that I will make the time to sit in silence and listen to my Father’s voice.
And no matter where you are, I pray the same for you as well.

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