Red: Hair Stories

This week we are talking about hair. Yes, hair.

Is it just the stuff growing out of our heads, a mere byproduct of dead cells? Or is it more than that?

Meet Ali Houlihan. Here are her thoughts on hair.


Natural hair color/style:


Most memorable hair transformations:

I have never dyed my hair, although I’ve wanted to in the past. Now that I’m older, I’m glad that I kept my hair its natural color. I’ve also always kept it long.

Hair identity:

I’m constantly identified by my hair since red hair is more rare. Growing up, people definitely would use my hair color as something to make fun of. That made me really hate being a red head.

Although I still am pointed out as “Ali, the red head”, I have come to love my hair. I love that it makes me so different, and is something that I have in common with many of my family members. It’s a link between us.

If Ali lost her hair:

I would be devastated if I lost my hair. My hair has become a part of how people know me, and how I identify myself. I wouldn’t feel like myself without my long red hair.

An image of hair:

I think changing your hair color/ owning you hair is a way to express your uniqueness. It’s not just hair, but by loving your hair, it is empowering.

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