Quantity is never better

The ongoing debate of quantity versus quality.


To some, the deciding factor is material – always better to have more of something than less, right? Que AT&T commercial.

The daughter of a financial planner, my dad taught me from an early age the value of saving, to store up for a rainy day so that when there is a time of need, you won’t be in want.

You want quantity in wealth to have quality in life was the underlying message I took away. But now I’m beginning to wonder if I was hanging onto the wrong message.

I have saved money so that I can use it when wisdom tells me it’s time. However, how often do we store up piles and become so comfortable with our storage that we are hesitant to use it or give it away when the time is right?

When you see a need that you can fill, do you turn a blind eye or do you consider your position as a blessing – that God has given you enough to provide for a time such as this?


Are you really a giving person? Do you see yourself as a saver or investor?

I believe that all the material you possess is not yours. We are merely the keepers of God’s blessings. He entrusts us with things like money and homes, cars and food with the expectation that we will use them as He wants – to care for ourselves, families and neighbors.

If He provides you with enough so you can give, are you going to obey His call when He asks you to let go, or are you going to keep guard of your stockpile, your treasured things that have become so hard to say goodbye to?

I like to argue that there is never an instance where quantity wins out over quality. If you are hanging on to too much, I don’t believe you’re using it correctly.


I’m not saying you need to give away all your earthly possessions; I’m just saying they’re not even yours in the first place.

He always provides us with just the amount we need. Trust that He has entrusted you with the blessing of caring for others.

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