12 Days of Christmas Journey: Day 5

On the fifth day of Christmas, Christ revealed to me: friendship rekindled over cups of coffee.

I hadn’t seen her in over a year. Maybe it was actually longer. The fact that I can’t remember means that it was entirely too long since I had asked her about how things are going – really check in on her heart.

Waiting at a marble-top table inside a busy French bistro, I heard her voice, sounding the same as it had when we were dubbed the “chatty girls” in middle school.

I popped up from my chair, dropped my pen on the floor and lunged in for a big hug. Even though we’ve grown and changed so much since our silly teenage days in 8th grade, our childhood connection was still there, still strong and just waiting to be brought back to life over a cappuccino and pain aux raisins.

This time of year, many people travel back home to enjoy the holidays with family. And for a magical two weeks, or two days, it becomes a time to get together with friends whom you haven’t seen all year, maybe a couple of years, even.

When you get together with these friends, your stomach doesn’t fill with guilt, ashamed of how you haven’t spoken to them in ages. As soon as you see each other, it’s like slipping on an old pair of tennis shoes – comfort, ease and just the right fit.

What a blessing that the Christmas season allows for moments like this – rekindling connections with heart friends that add an extra burst of Joy to your day as you pour in that cream and dash of sugar in your coffee. Thank God for coffee shops. Thank God for days off work. Thank God for friends.

A photo of our class from 8th grade.

A photo of our class from 8th grade.

** Check back tomorrow to see what Joy I discovered on my 12 Days of Christmas Journey. Miss Day 4, Day 3, Day 2 or Day 1? Read them now! **

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