Let them know

Did you catch that?

The week-long wave of strength, passion and pursuit – stories of real young women who are traveling the distance to follow their dreams, even if plans aren’t comfortably clear?

I feel honored to say that I am blessed with the friendship of each Strong Girl featured last week. But it’s more than that, really.

I’m proud to say that these are my peers, young women from my force-to-be-reckoned-with generation who aren’t sitting idly by.
These are my role models: real women, living out raw and vulnerable lives because they are choosing to move, even when it might be more comfortable to stay where they are.


Maybe I’m rare to have such a group of phenomenal ladies surrounding me, but I don’t think this is the case.

In fact, I’d bet good money on the fact that there are many Strong Girls in your life, too – working late nights waiting tables at the diner, cruising the streets with notebook in hand to find the stories hidden by the clout of materialism and wealth, in the classrooms teaching kids about renewable energy and photosynthesis.

Maybe your eye doesn’t catch sight of them often. Strong Girls are humble and sometimes their faces go unnoticed, but their actions certainly don’t. In your community, there are Strong Girls living out their lives, showing love at every opportunity, wisely choosing their words before they speak and reaching down into the gunk when no one else will.

Open your eyes. Try to see these young women who are living out their faith, taking risks when they do something that’s not popular, that other’s have told them is impossible.

More than that, open your heart. If you are someone who benefits from the care and support of a Strong Girl, embrace it, because most likely, you will think back to her life when you need inspiration to listen to what’s on your heart.

And if you’re feeling that bold, open your mouth, take off the pen cap and start typing that email. Tell these Strong Girls how you feel. If you appreciate them, what’s holding you back from letting them know? If they encourage you, why not encourage them?


I hope that you can look back at the stories of these Strong Girls, who have graciously opened up their lives for us to draw inspiration and perspective. Their stories don’t end here, on the post of a blog entry. They are living stories that grow and continue with each day. If these Strong Girls are moving in big ways now, can you image what is to come in the future?

I’m looking forward to sharing the stories of more Strong Girls – girls beautifully made and created with purpose, shining in this world as they live out their lives in what they believe to be true.

But don’t just wait to learn about them on my blog. Seek them yourselves. Recognize them and encourage them. Wouldn’t you want someone to do that for you?


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