PDX Cozy Spot #2

I can guess what you might be thinking when you read where I’ve cozied up next…

Starbucks. She picked Starbucks? Pretty unoriginal, if you ask me…

And it may seem like I’ve chosen the most ubiquitous coffee shop on the face of the earth, or at least in Portland, where we have the third most Starbucks per person out off all the cities in the US.

But trust me, I have solid reasons for this one making my list of Top Cozy Spots in PDX.

Like I mentioned, Portland has a Starbucks on nearly every street, inside every grocery store and even two or three in a single shopping mall.

But this really shouldn’t surprise anyone, as Portland is coffee city USA… well, almost; next to Seattle, of course. According to “The Daily Beast,” Portlanders spend on average, $33 per month on getting their caffeine, or cappuccino, fix.

I think I can safely say that everyone in Portland has their favorite coffee spot. And usually, it’s the shop in their neighborhood.

It’s the place where you know the name of the baristas, and perhaps they know your name, too.

It’s where you can walk up to the counter and order your usual – knowing it will get your day started out right. Because who won’t admit that something as small, but consistent, as your morning cup of coffee, isn’t important?

It’s where you can run into your neighbors almost as if you “owned” the place.

For all these reasons, that why I’ve picked my local Starbucks as my 2nd Cozy Spot.

My attachment to this place became more apparent last week, when this beautiful word graced the side of my cup of Pike’s Roast, with a splash of Pumpkin Spice…

Rekindle. Verb: To relight, revive or renew.
What an awesome word.

How many times do we get lost in the daily shuffle and work takes over our focus? Do we really end up putting the importance of relationships under our paperwork?

When was the last time you sent a friend a card that says, “Just thinking of you…”? Or the last time you invited a friend out on date, if you will, to ask them how they’re feeling, to celebrate a success in their life, or to let them do some much needed venting?

I feel like my neighborhood Starbucks is the accesable place where I can do this. It’s so easy to get to. The brown plush chairs in the corner by the windows are the perfect spot to tuck my feet on top of and listen to my friend tell me about her life.

I know when it’s open, I know what I like there and I know which seat is my favorite. That’s what makes it so comfortable for me to walk, stumble of stride into on any day of the week!

I know this Starbucks in a way that I know what books are on my nightstand, or where my my toothbrush is when I’m searching for it in the dark. I feel at ease here because it’s in my hood! (That’s right, I just dropped that slang …)

What other place could I enjoy seeing this…

Two fathers with their teenage sons, drinking their coffee as part of their Saturday morning ritual.

This place is where my own Joy is rekindled when I see fathers being good dads! Taking their boys out of a father-son date and choosing to spend a Saturday morning talking with them instead of rushing off to tailgate for the Oregon football game.

Yes. I picked a Starbucks.

We can agree or disagree on the quality of the coffee, on the corporateness of the company, or on the way they seem to crop up on every corner, but in the end, I hope we can we can all recognize that sometimes the most cozy place is the shop nestled in your own neighborhood.

** Come back tomorrow to see where my cozy journey takes me next! **

And a side note, it looks like Starbucks has a Rekindle Campaign this week. Check it out as an excuse to treat a friend to coffee!

Where did I get cozy on Day 1? Check it out here!

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