Making the most of it before the surgery.

In some ways, I’m at my lowest.

One week into the recovery from my ACL reconstruction surgery and I’ve had a lot of time to do some “couch contemplating.” I never would have guessed that at this point in my life my abilities would be so, so … basic.

Okay, calling it “basic” is glamorizing it.

Currently, I can barely put on my own shorts, getting to the bathroom and then using the bathroom almost makes me break into a sweat and last night, as I was attempting to make dinner, in a fit of frustration I threw the mixing spoon across the kitchen and into the sink because shuffling over there would have taken too dang long.

But from my little corner of the world, propped up on piles of pillows and beneath blue-gel ice packs, I’ve really surrendered to that idea of self reliance. In fact, I’m calling it like it is: I’m needy.

Throughout the past week, I’ve had a true angel taking care of me. Connie, who I consider to be my grandma, has done everything for me – from waiting at my side for those four hours before I went into surgery, to washing my hair in the sink every other day, to refilling my water bottle probably 100 times by this point.

And it’s been my cousin Lea, who has brought me fresh fall-inspired French pastries and sat next to me on the couch to talk for six straight hours.
And my Friday Night Dinner crew who came in full force last week with a barrage of delicious dishes like homemade latkes and decadent chocolate pots de crem.
And the daily phone calls from Uncle Chuck, my aunt and uncle in Arkansas and my godparents in Florida.

And most of all, it’s been the prayers. The countless people who have been praying for me and my healing. Prayed for my peace during a time when I can be easily frustrated or in pain. Prayed for strength so that I can return to dancing instead of walking as soon as I am able.

In short, God has blessed with a phenomenal support group.

Initially, when I scheduled my surgery with the nurse, I asked her if it was really necessary to have someone stay with me during the first two weeks after my surgery. At the time, I was pretty self-sufficient and I didn’t want to burden anyone by asking them to take care of me, especially for that length of time.

But I needed to change my mindset.

How often do we hear our friends, neighbors and family say, “If you every need anything, just ask,” … ? A ton, right?
And how often do we take them up on their offers? Not so much …

Helping others is a love language – a language that some people are gifted with and very fluent in. This week has been full of people showering me with their gifts of care and thoughtfulness. Even if I am “needy,” they have been there, ready and willing to help me.

Their kindness has been a reminder of the Christ that lives in each of them – in each of us. Every flower sent, every “hello” text, every hand held as I fumble for my crutches, is a blessing to me. They fill me with love and gratitude as they serve me in a time when I truly need it.

So, in most ways, I guess I’m being lifted to my highest.

2 responses to “Humbled

  1. Love you! If you ever need anything, I really am only a phone call away. I will hop in the car, drive to the condo and we can talk, laugh, plan the future of our FNDs, watch silly movies, anything you want!

  2. We were created for community my friend. And we were made even more to be in relationship with God. I hear echoes of my own life in your writings. Pray hard. Truly you are being blessed. 🙂

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