John 17 – Sanctified by Truth

Positano, Italy. Taylor Smith

Positano, Italy. Taylor Smith

Finish this statement: “This I know to be true: ________________ ”

Throughout your lifetime, I’m sure you’ve come across a lot of life lessons. Maybe it’s a small, silly one like, ‘I know that the one day I don’t take an umbrella to work will be the day it will rain,’ or that ‘when you start your research paper the day before it’s due, you’ll most certainly pull an “all-nighter.”‘

But I bet you’ve learned some more important truths, like ‘I know that when I ask my friend how they’re doing (how they’re really doing), I’m showing her that I truly care,’ or ‘when a child is scared about something, I know that my being strong will help set a positive example.’

While there are many true statements blooming all around us in this world, there are also many lies. When we chose to let sin enter the world, it opened the door for deceit, temptation, jealousy and greed. Things that we think “might” be true or okay, like ‘the best cure to a hard day is a stiff drink (or three),’ or ‘we really are in love so it’s okay to have sex with him, even though we’re not engaged,’ are buzzing right in our faces. They may seem okay, because that’s what most of society practices, but does that really make them okay? Do these things become true, just because the majority of the world practices them?

It’s a tough question, but in a world that’s filled with lies and truths, having discernment is crucial. While we all make mistakes and sin, if we go on living without examining the things we consider to be truth, we might be clinging on to lies for guidance instead.

In John 17, when Jesus prays for his disciples, he says, “Sanctify them by the truth; your word is truth.” 17:17
This is a very short verse, but it is so important.

To be sanctified means to be set apart for sacred use; to be made holy. God doesn’t ask you to follow the ways of the world; He calls us to live lives where we show love and compassion, that each day we act with integrity and that we live out the message of His word. His word is truth – not the words we hear on TV, not the words of celebrities or politicians, not the words of People Magazine.

Today I pray that you find peace and strength in His word; that every day you turn to the Truth and that you will be able to keep that truth in the core of your being when the lies try their best to convince you otherwise.

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