Summer Adventure

A scene from the Czech Republic

My grandma used to say that the older you get, the faster time seems to fly … but if time is passing as quickly as it is now, I feel that soon enough I’ll blink and another milestone in my life will be awaiting me!

But indeed, the time has come. I’ve graduated from Indiana University and am on my way to pursue something that is filling my stomach with butterflies as I type these words.

This summer, I’m going on an adventure that is extremely close to my heart – the chance to combine my love of writing with my passion for service and showing God’s love to others.

For the next three months, I’ll be in the Czech Republic, working with a Christian organization called Josiah Venture to help teach English, leadership and minister to Eastern European youth.

I have absolutely no idea what to expect, but trust that God is guiding me and calling my heart to do what is His will. I’ve talked with a few of my team members via email, phone calls and Skype, and from what I can tell, God is already surrounding me with a group of positive, amazing people.

As we’re traveling, training and putting on summer programs, I would love from you all to keep the youth we’ll be working with, my team members and myself in your thoughts. Pray that God gives us the right words to speak when we are working within the Czech communities and that He gives us confidence to share our stories when He calls us to do so. Please pray for our safety, that God gives us discernment when we are called to make tough decisions and that we are reminded of His incredible glory that surrounds us!

I’ll be updating you all with photos, insights and inspiration from my travels and can’t wait to share the things that I’ll be learning. I know this trip will be growing me in ways I cannot even begin to imagine, but that with whatever God has planned, I know it will be shaping my character and strengthening my relationship with Him.

Good bless and may peace be with you!

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