Romans 8 – The Spirit of Life and Peace

4th Street Festival – Bloomington, IN. Taylor Smith

What controls you, your body or your spirit?
Do you walk through life with your focus towards earthly goals, or do you turn to your heart with your belief of what is to come after this earthly state?

In this world it’s easy to live for earthly rewards: for material gadgets and gizmos -iPods, Kindles, the newest GPS- or titles that make you sound extra special -boss, chief executive officer, Miss America- and even the abundance of numbers that we attach to objects in order to give them value -our paychecks, the price of a house, the number you score at a diving competition.

So often our eyes are trained to see the price tag and description that we use to label the things that surround us. While we might not want to admit it, think of how often we glorify our bodies, our homes, our cars, in order to give us satisfaction. I’m not denying that we shouldn’t take care of these things with the utmost respect, but do you think that we ever go too far in, dare I say, venerating our earthly possessions, our earthly condition?

Everything of this earth is finite. What seems permanent will one day fade away, eroding like the banks of a river. But this is nothing to be sad about. Unless you are living for earthly gains, you keep your heart turned towards a life that is beyond this earth.

In Romans 8, Paul says, “The mind of sinful man is death, but the mind controlled by the Spirit is life and peace.” 8:6

Are you focused on death or are you walking towards eternal life, the Kingdom of God? Do you allow God to be in the drivers seat of your life, or do you let money, material and “tan, wrinkle-free skin,” be what motivates you to get through each day?

If Christ is in you, you body is dead because of sin, yet your spirit is alive because of righteousness.” 8:10

I pray that we may go about each day living with the Spirit so powerfully working within us. I pray that when the ways of this world, cluttered with sin and lies, try to take the reigns, we are able to let the Spirit intercede, choosing to be alive with righteousness and peace.

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