Breathe life into bliss

Wine and Cheese Night to mark our final year at IU.

Floating across the gentle, warm water, the bubbles’ light foam caresses your skin and makes playful popping noises as your mind drifts deeper into the Enya soundtrack playing in the background. With a glass of red wine in hand, you sip the earthy, burgundy liquid and let the calming, wine-induced buzz take over. ‘This,’ you think to yourself, ‘is bliss.’

There are few things in life that simultaneously evoke a sense tranquility and class: hearing Celine Dion perform live in Las Vegas, sailing on the emerald green waters of San Tropez, a private dining experience by chef superstar Bobby Flay. But for a college student, or the average joe, these experiences might be few and far between, or part of an overly affluent dream world. But it’s not impossible to be on a budget and create tasteful and sophisticated experiences.

Last night, my roommate Amy and I decided to have a wine and cheese tasting for our friends in honor of the last year of our undergraduate career. While it’s hard to believe that we’re seniors, we are committed to enjoying every moment of our last Cream and Crimson college days.

The start of the semester brings new classes, tricky schedules and filling the calendar with upcoming tests and assignments. Things get busy – fast. But this year, we’re taking each day with a fresh attitude and decision to celebrate the simplicities of life and the gift of our friendships.

As we nibbled slices of smoked gouda and Spanish manchego, crunched cool, green grapes between our teeth and clinked our glasses of soft rose from the local Oliver Winery, the “first day jitters” about our classes became an elusive concept. All that mattered was that we were together, laughing and catching up on each other’s lives. If school was mentioned, it only made a brief appearance and slid its way in and out of conversation, rather than overwhelming our minds or causing anxiety.

I’m not saying that wine is the miracle elixir that erases worry or makes you feel glamorous. In fact, whatever beverage, food or activity that gathers you and friends together to celebrate the moment is great! What’s important is that you take the time to enjoy the simple moments in life and create a bit of bliss for yourself and those you care about. Whether it’s having a wine and cheese tasting, a movie night or playing cards in your living room, take the time to breathe life into BLISS.

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