Color vs. Natural: Hair Stories

This week we are talking about hair. Yes, hair.

Is it just the stuff growing out of our heads, a mere byproduct of dead cells? Or is it more than that?

Meet Lea Flego. Here are her thoughts on hair.

Au naturale

Au naturale

Natural hair color/style:

A mixture of brown, blond and auburn. The texture is thick and kinda wavy, and when brushed it then it becomes frizz with a mind of its own!

Most memorable hair transformations:

I have dyed my hair so many times! Red, blue, pink.  But the two most memorable were when I chopped it all off and dyed it black with red bangs and then when I got an aline and bleached it platinum. I miss those days.



Hair identity:

The platinum hair was definitely iconic. That’s who everyone knew me as. My boyfriend at the time called me his “sassy girlfriend,” but I considered myself to be outgoing, confident and fun because of my hair. I felt so cool.    

If Lea lost her hair:

I have thought about it. I would be very sad at first and feel less like a woman, but then I think I would develop an affinity for colorful scarves and feel better.    

An image of hair:

Hair is the palate I use to represent myself from day to day. Do I want to have it up and functional, or down, falling around my breasts? When my hair looks great, I feel better about myself.

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